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Our Services.

Offering our expertise & professional experience to help bring your ideas to life.

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Initial consultation and preparation of existing conditions. We typically perform a code consultation if you’re not pursuing a separate needs and options report.


Taking the discussed ideas and concepts through a three-phase refinement and development process to be used for local approvals as well as construction.


This includes bid review and negotiations as well as construction observation services which all ensure that your vision and our designs are brought to life as intended with your best interests in mind.


Many times we are retained to provide a consultation and report on a potential development or renovation. We perform a detailed search into the potential project and offer info and potential outcomes based on code restrictions.

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What we offer.

Our professionalism and attention to your needs

We know that when you are happy living in your home or condo, it will become your sanctuary and you’ll have a happier outlook on all other things. It’s our job to make sure that you like where you live, work, or play. We’re here to make sure that your space works for you; it needs to be the right size, everything needs to function properly, the light needs to feels right, and it needs to be inviting for many different purposes.

While every project begins differently, the goal is to construct a place that you will love. Some clients begin with a clear goal while others begin with a vague vision or just a feeling. In all cases, our job is to get you from here to there. We help you to understand what you want by exploring your likes and dislikes,

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