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Architects Get More Creative with an iPad


Advancing technology has made most of our lives much simpler and helped many careers to become more efficient. Now architects are able to be more creative by using iPads. The new iPad Pro, combined with the Apple Pencil, gives architects many convenient advantages including portability, better graphics, and processing performance to run programs side by side and an improved stylus to create with.

Applications and Interior Design:
Apps such as Augment – 3D Augmented Reality are fantastic tools, inspiring architects to truly bring their ideas to life by allowing them to present their concepts via augmented reality. Instead of showing the client a plain paper copy blueprint of what their finished project will look like, this app will allow them to actually see it in real-time. Roomscan Pro can also map a floor plan in minutes just by walking the room, then the app creates a 3D floor plan, saving interior designers time and work.

Improved Technology:
The latest processors and graphics now allows the use of two applications side by side, preventing the need to close one program to use the next. Since most architects work with several programs at once, this new feature allows them to work seamlessly and save time. The new larger iPad screen, it provides the ability to transfer information and details from one app to the next as simple as dragging it across the screen.

New Technology, The Apple Pencil:
The new Apple Pencil has quickly surpassed other styluses. The Apple Pencil has far better precision and is able to highlight a single pixel at a time. There are even specific architectural apps designed for use with the Apple Pencil such as Concepts: Smarter Sketching, Design & CAD for Architecture & Illustration. The improved stylus gives architects the ability to draw finer details and notes. The pressure sensitivity gives the designer the ability to add different textures and strokes beautifully demonstrated in the app Paper by FiftyThree. The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are sure to be helpful tools in any architect’s project!

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