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Debunking the 5 Most Common Renovation Myths


When you get ready to renovate your home, you’ve probably heard it all! From “Just choose a well-known firm! There’s no need to look around when you know other people have been happy with what they’re getting!” to “Any designer is going to be too expensive. Just do it yourself!” it seems as though everyone has their own piece of advice to add. Much of that advice, however, is highly inaccurate. Here, we’ll debunk 5 of the most common renovation myths.

    1. A nice-looking renovation increases value. There are some renovations that nearly always add value to your home: updating the kitchen appliances, for example. Removing a bedroom to increase living space or add in a home office, on the other hand, will usually hurt the resale value of your home. Other renovations are too expensive to add enough value to your home to pay for themselves.
    2. Designers’ fees are too expensive. You might think that you’ll never be able to afford one, but the truth is, interior designers are available at any price point. Find one that will suit your needs!
    3. Interior designers offer good pricing deals. In many cases, interior designers can acquire better prices on items than you can by shopping alone. They frequently get “designer deals” at places where they shop frequently or when they buy in large quantity–savings that they can pass along to you.
    4. A well-known design firm automatically means better quality. Here’s the biggest truth of interior design: whether or not you’re happy with the end result will depend on your personal preferences and taste and how they fit with the designer company or architect. You’ll also find that you often get better, more personal results from a design company or architect who is not quite so well-known. Be willing to shop around and check out samples from a variety of different firms. You might be surprised with what they can show you!
    5. Trust is all you need. If you trust your design firm, you ought to be able to turn them loose with everything, right? Actually, to get a renovation that will make you truly happy, you should be as actively involved in the process as possible. Work with your architect and design firm to create the room you’ve been envisioning. You’ll be surprised by how much smoother the process goes.

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