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At the height of winter, the last thing you want to do is step into a freezing bathroom and remove the layers keeping you warm. It’s possible, though, to turn what might be the chilliest room in your home into a warm and comfortable space. Here are some ways to design a bathroom that’s warm and inviting when it’s cold outside.

Use Heating Fixtures

With radiant heat lamps, you can quickly buffer yourself against the cold air by simply moving a switch. Installing a few over the bath, commode, or vanity will make it a little easier to get dressed in the morning while waiting for your home to warm up. If you frequently make trips to the bathroom at night, radiant wall panels heat quickly and are a good option for avoiding bright light.

Decorate with Warm Colors, Cozy Textures, and Rustic Materials

Sleek, clean lines and cool tones, while uniquely modern and attractive, can reduce the feeling of warmth in a room. Try adding a wicker basket or shag rug, or using bath linens and accessories in warm colors and earth-toned metals. This will not only create visual warmth, but it will also add coziness to the touch.

Install a Steam Shower

A great way to unwind after braving the harsh weather or finishing a tough workout, a steam shower gives you a luxury spa experience at home. Options include stand-alone models and full installations, with controls that allow you to adjust vapor levels. Try steaming essential oils to wake you up or calm your nerves. You’ll be warmed up—and relaxed—in no time

Warm Bath Towels

Leaving the steamy comfort of the shower can be just as hard as preparing to step into it when it’s cold. Preheated towels are a low-cost way to wrap yourself in comfort the moment you step out. Towel warmers are available in cabinet styles or as racks that are wall-mounted or freestanding.

Heat Your floors

Science shows us the connection between the feet and core body temperature. You can avoid the unpleasant shock of stepping barefoot onto freezing bathroom tiles by installing heated floors. Radiant floor heating uses warmed air, electric coils, or tubes of heated water to efficiently heat your home. If you plan to remodel, consider extending heated floors into your living space to make the walk to and from the bathroom more comfortable.

There are a number of ways to keep the cold of winter out of your bathroom. If you’re interested in heated flooring or other renovation work, contact Strata Architecture + Design.