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Hottest 2016 Design Trends


2015 was certainly the year of the neutral, with soft greys performing as a backdrop to white subway tile kitchens and baths, all anchored by black accents to provide balance. While this look is classic — and isn’t going out of style anytime soon, incorporate the following design trends to boost the wow-factor of your home or office space.

plant shaped bowl

Merge natural elements and modern design.

Rich, organic textures are going to steal the show this year. Add depth to even the most sleek and modern spaces by integrating exotic wood elements, greenery, and nature-inspired accents to create the illusion of inviting the outdoors in. For inspiration, check out these chic accessories.

White Chair Simply White Chair

Spice up the neutral palette with bold accents.

Warm, vibrant tones ranging from red to violet will be used against last year’s neutrals to create a stunning juxtaposition of crisp whites, soft airy greys, and audacious new colors. Use these rich tones in high impact spaces to create drama. Click here to see these new color trends.

Strata Wallcovering

Minerals and unusual geometric patterns are being re-invented.

Maybe you have a set of agate bookends, or perhaps you installed a hexagon tile in a bathroom. Geometric designs and minerals have been growing in popularity, but they are being taken to a new level in 2016. Designers are re-imagining these already stunning forms, adding movement and fluidity. A great example are these new wallcoverings.

At Strata Architecture and Design, we strive to partner with our clients to create beautiful, functional spaces on the cusp of upcoming design trends. See our portfolio for some of our favorite projects. Contact us to discuss your vision today.