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Organic Modern Design wooden staircase with curved landing wall


Organic modernism is a design trend in New York that presents elements of nature in a stylish modern manner. This design is ideal for people who love natural light, airy fabrics, clean color palettes, and nature.

A key design aspect of organic modern architecture is maintaining a light airy space. You want to have that relaxed feeling you experience when taking a walk through the forest, breathing in crisp clean air, or having a family picnic in the park on a pleasant sunny day.

Organic modern design derives inspiration from the greenery, sunlight, and various natural textures that people enjoy in the outdoors. For example, architects find ways to beautifully allow as much natural light inside the home as possible.

Several types of wood are used to create stylish furniture. The grain patterns on wood are sometimes incorporated in soft textiles and ceramic dishes. Fabrics used in organic design are less processed than heavy textiles.

The shapes furniture and other aspects of organic modern design take inspiration from nature too. In particular, they follow guidance from the shapes of stones and leaves.

Many homeowners request the inclusion of houseplants in the design. It’s that finishing touch that really completes the organic modern look. There are many creative ways to include real greenery in your home, such as hanging planters, indoor trees, and sculptural desert plants. Or you could just have the plants strategically located around the home in their pots.

Clean white is another key aspect of organic modern design. It’s used to complement natural light, resulting in shapes being beautifully accented.

If the common elements of organic modern design sound appealing, then it’s certainly right for you! You don’t have to be the outdoorsy type to embrace this gorgeous style, but it just might motivate you to give the outdoors a second chance. If you ARE a nature lover, however, then you’ll most likely love organic modern design.

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