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When you’re planning an interior renovation on your condo or co-op, you’re living in two phases of your life. You’re living in the phase before the renovation while dreaming in the phase of what life will be like after the renovation. You may be grappling with the time and money investment, but ultimately you want to turn that dream into reality. Follow these three simple steps to make your renovation project more successful.

Be Honest With Yourself

This is New York City and space is limited, so you’re not going to suddenly find yourself with an extra thousand square feet of space. If you want to enlarge one room, you’ll need to take that space from somewhere else. Your architect has tricks and techniques to make your space appear bigger than it is, but you need to be honest with the limitations and expectations of the renovation.

Be Open and Forthcoming With Your Architect

You need to treat your architect like you would a doctor. When you arrive for the first meeting, you pour out everything from ideas and concerns to expectations and dreams. In order to get what you want out of your interior renovation, you need to be explicit in your ideas and even the smallest details. Your architect will take your ideas and incorporate them in to a workable plan.

Leave Room to Explore New Possibilities

Over your lifetime, you probably won’t plan more than a dozen interior renovations while your architect loves the challenge of solving problems and bringing beauty into homes just like yours. If you let your architect guide you and open your mind to new possibilities, you might come out with a renovation that you love even more than your original idea.

At Strata Architecture + Design, it’s our goal to help you get the renovation you want and can enjoy for years to come. Contact us today for more information.