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ugliest paint color - opaque couché


After much research, science has determined the world’s ugliest paint color. More specifically, this sewage tinged hue is more like the most displeasing of colors according to an Australian government study. Let’s put it this way: it has been successfully used to deter smokers from smoking!

In short, you should never consider using the color Pantone 448 C; which is a delightful shade of greenish-brown bile, tastefully named Opaque Couche. People want to feel happy and uplifted and generally select specific colors to foster that notion. Whereas this is a color that makes you feel kind of dead and lifeless.

It turns out that several other colors were determined to be distasteful as revealed by Realtor.com. Let’s consider avoiding the use of Peach Fuzz, Orange Popsicle, Blazing Yellow, Poppy Red, & Parfait Pink.


Instead, you should consider using a color like Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray (HC-173). It provides a classy feel and it’s capable of working with many different color schemes.