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Overcome the Blues of Home Renovation woman showing a sad emoticon on blue background


It doesn’t need to be said, but home renovation is stressful. Everyone starts out with a lot of energy, money, and creative vision. Unfortunately, all of that seems to disappear about half way through a renovation project and many homeowners succumb to the home renovation blues. Maintaining a clean site, removing plastic sheeting, and power tools should be motivation enough to press on; but sometimes a little more is needed. For those in the midst of it themselves or are looking to start a new project, it is best to remember these renovation motivation techniques.

    1. Take “Before” Pictures

Having a before picture is perfect for that moment when you are staring at your demolished kitchen and thinking that the horribly scorched backsplash wasn’t really so bad. It can occasionally seem like no matter how much is thrown at a renovation that no progress is being made. However, being able to see how far a project has come towards your final vision can be a major motivation boost towards crushing the blues.

    1. Set Smaller Goals

If you start a large renovation project and set only a deadline for it to be finished, you should also expect to not meet that deadline. Instead, plan out smaller goals and projects with your general contractor to complete. This helps keep project goals grounded in realism and much more attainable. Instead of trying to do it all at once, talk to your general contractor to determine what he expects to accomplish each week, in this way you can plan your involvement. Scheduling smaller tasks will help the end goal come more quickly without all the devastation and frustration of not meeting the final deadline.

    1. Make a Project into a Social Event

If nothing else is working to lift the shroud of renovation blues, bring your friends into it. Make some cocktails, order a few pizzas, and let your friends help with a particularly tedious part of a renovation. Friend bribes will certainly need to be worked into a budget, but there is nothing that inspires more momentum than having someone to talk to, commiserate with, and keep you focused on your goal.

Like every successful home renovation needs a little motivation, major projects also require a good architect to see it through. Those looking to renovate in the NYC area should contact us today to what we can do to make your present home into your dream home.