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Winning the approval of one or more New York City Agencies is a very daunting and bureaucratic task, yet it’s an essential part of any construction or rehabilitation project. The character and quirks of the finest homes and condos are part of their appeal. Unfortunately, the same features can also cause of much of the heartache that owners experience during renovations. So, it’s important to know which agencies you will be expected to obtain approval from before you begin your project.

The Watchful Eyes Of The Big Apple

The particular requirements for approval can vary dramatically, depending on the project location and design intent. You can get a head start on turning your “house into a home” by employing an architect who has a strong base of experience dealing with these all of the requirements you’re likely to encounter. First of which is your condo or co-op board, they will most likely send the plans created by your architect off to a reviewing architect or engineer for “building approval” prior to filing with any city agency.

NYC Department of Buildings Approvals

In New York City, the department that oversees construction is the Department of Buildings. They administer the NYC Construction Code, which comprises the Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Energy Conservation Codes, and many others. The city requires you to file an alteration application at your local DOB Borough Office for almost any conceivable changes to the interior of your building. You can contact your property manager for more information on this.

NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission Approval

New York City has some of the finest historic landmarks and culturally significant buildings in the world. The Landmarks Preservation Commission or LPC is the largest preservation authority in the nation. If you are fortunate enough to live in one of the 33,000 historic buildings within the city, or a building that has a designated interior landmark, you will be required to work with the LPC to ensure that your renovation meet their standards. You can search your property address on the LPC website to find out if your building is landmarked.

Agencies For Every Situation

Anyone who spends time in New York quickly discovers that there’s an agency for everything. It’s may be likely that your project requires the approval of additional NYC departments like FDNY or DOT. This list of agencies is not comprehensive by any means; you’ll need professional advice to ensure that you apply to all of the relevant agencies and meet all necessary requirements.

The right professional guidance at all stages of the process transforms your experience as well as your home. Strata Architecture + Design will take you through the process and get your home, condo or interior renovation off the ground. Contact us to design and plan your renovation today.

Photo Credit: Richard Perry/The New York Times