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Having a smart home can be a very smart move. Not only can you save time with the conveniences offered by home automation, but you can gain peace of mind as well. There are so many companies to choose from, though, where do you start? Let us help you with that. Below are the top four home automation vendors, according to CE Pro.

  • Control4
  • Crestron
  • Savant
  • Elan

Smart home systems perform a variety of functions. You can activate your home’s security alarm, access your lights and your television, and draw your window shades all from your cell phone or tablet. Having a smart home can help you make your home unique to you and your family. And speaking of unique, let’s take a deeper look into Control4, and see why they are rated #1 in home automation.

Control4 was founded in 2003. Though they are not the oldest home automation company around, they have shown to be an innovator in their field.

Currently, a home automation system through Control4 can connect with over 8,000 different types of devices people have throughout their homes. These systems can be integrated with several major brands like Sony, Roku, Amazon, Honeywell Security, Yamaha, Bose, Sharp, and hundreds more.

Since a Control4 system plays so well with others, you can set up controls for items in your home like lights, shades, security alarms, televisions, fireplaces, hot tubs, and gas grills. Imagine, it’s time for your date night with your spouse. You have a nice wine and cheese tray set out by the fireplace for an appetizer, and you’re planning a grilled steak for the evening meal. You push a button, and your shades draw closed, your lights dim, the fireplace comes on, and music starts to play. While the two of you are enjoying your appetizer, your grill and Jacuzzi are both heating up without you ever having to step outside. These detailed conveniences are just one piece of the pie that makes an automated home so appealing.

Another piece of that pie is the security that automation can bring. Just tap a button when you leave your home and it closes the blinds, turns off the lights (unless a porch light is needed), locks all the doors, engages the cameras, and turns on the security system. While you’re away, you can count on Control4 to monitor your home for suspicious activities, also. Feel better taking a look for yourself? You can do that, too, by watching the cameras via your phone or tablet. There is also a safety feature that will alternate lights, televisions, and shades to make it appear as though someone is home.

When it comes to having a smart home, Control4 is the way to go. If you have questions about installing a new system, or about home automation in general, please contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions and talk with you about how having a smart home can be a big help to your everyday.