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Staying Motivated When Renovating Motivational Poster Quote Life Begins At The End Of Comfort Zone


Staying motivated when renovating your home is a challenge. It is especially hard if you decide to live in the home you are renovating. Living amid the chaos, mess, and instability that comes with rooms being torn apart and put back together is frustrating at best but there are some surefire ways to stay on track and keep your home life as stress-free and normal as possible:

  • Planning is Key!
    Chaos, messes, clutter, and unforeseen setbacks are inevitable when renovating your home. Come up with a plan ahead of time. If you are remodeling you kitchen, figure out what you will do with dishes, appliances, cleaning supplies, etc. before you start tearing things apart. Determine how and where you will cook or what steps you will need to take for clean-up. If you are renovating a bedroom, decide where beds and dressers can temporarily be set up so sleeping and day-to-day life is as peaceful and routine as possible.
  • Create a workable schedule and stick to it.
    Life must go on, even when your house is in disarray, but when you devise feasible timeline for your design project, you can still have time for life while moving forward with your renovation. Set deliberate times to work on demolition, installation of flooring, painting, building, etc. and stick to your schedule. Life doesn’t stop and you must continue to do the things that aren’t related to current remodeling or home projects. As long as you have a schedule and stick to it, just seeing the results of your labor on a regular basis will help motivate you to keep forging on to the much-anticipated result.
  • Don’t let set-backs be road blocks.
    So, your new appliance or fixture arrived and the color or style is wrong, or the flooring you chose for your entryway is out of stock. While these set-backs may seem major, there are always alternatives or creative solutions to remedy the situation. Don’t let these mishaps deter you from reaching your goal on schedule. You may even find that the alternative option turns out better than your initial choice.

If you have had success in this type of chaotic but fulfilling adventure and have any words of wisdom or ideas that have worked for you, feel free to leave a comment below with your feedback. Additionally, if you need professional expertise or have any questions or concerns regarding a future in-home renovation, we can help!