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get excited about renovation brush painting the wall white


Renovation, a word that strikes fear into the hearts of the construction or design challenged. Where do I start? What do I change? What do I leave alone? Remain calm, we’re here to help. That’s why we’ve provided these tips for your upcoming project.

    • Paint, it’s a miracle worker:

A little paint can do wondrous things. From making a small space appear bigger, to drawing focus away from eye sores like old cabinets in the kitchen, a little paint goes a long way. One of the best tricks for making your home look “like-new” is painting. Forbes suggests using white paint. According to their article on color schemes, white rooms appear the largest.

    • Take a step toward new flooring:

Do you have carpet? You may want to consider replacing it with a nice hardwood, especially if you plan on selling at any point. Buyers often request for the cost of replacing carpet or old flooring to be removed from the final price they pay. Flooring can also make rooms appear larger. According to Floors & More, laying flooring diagonally, whether it’s tile or hardwood planks, will make any room look bigger.

    • Shed new light on the situation:

Even the most magnificent homes will turn potential buyers away without the correct lighting. Dark spaces hide your homes best features. Consider brightening up the place with new light fixtures.

    • Counters are your kitchen’s best friend:

Is your kitchen lacking that little something extra that makes it pop? A new backsplash or counter-tops will make it look new again. Trying to go green? HGTV lists eco-friendly composite counter-tops on their list of kitchen counter trends.

To talk about these tips, or to learn more, please contact us or leave a comment below.