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Achieve Minimalism in Residential Design Yellow Armchair On Blue Wall


Minimalist design for residences or offices appears simple but often requires careful consideration. A great deal of in-depth, extensive problem-solving goes into creating a minimalist environment. The advantages to living in minimalist environments include reducing distractions and creating a more efficient lifestyle.

Enjoy these ideas for seamless, aesthetically pleasing residential or workspaces:

Create a Logical, Harmonious Flow

Minimalism focuses on only what is necessary. For many people, it’s a beautiful and inspiring way to live. Residential or workspaces that have a clear path from one room (or one area) to the next eliminates the need to continuously think about navigating different areas.

Our portfolio shows some examples of the minimalist residences we have designed. These residences include spacious living areas, large windows, and ceilings that work well with the proportions of the residence. Architectural approaches to creating this level of effective simplicity require a high level of respect for the space.

Avoid Distracting Design Elements

When designing a minimalist residence or office, focus on reducing distractions in the design. Minimalist architecture creates a sense of distinct focus and highlights the most important parts of the overall design vision. Minimalist spaces often focus on the beauty of the abstract features or the simple, larger than life windows and walls.

Make Wise Decisions for an Ergonomic Layout

Many minimalist homes or offices have an incredibly ergonomic layout that makes life easier. For example, minimalist kitchens are often placed in open spaces next to work areas or living spaces. A minimalist bathroom maximizes space through a careful design for that fits the ideal shower or bath for the client.

Strata Architecture, based in New York, has significant expertise in creating customized modern environments. If you would like more ideas and tips for residence or workspace architectural design, keep reading our blog. Contact us if you would like to learn more or to discuss your project needs.