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Correctly Timing Your Renovation Is Important


So, you’re thinking about renovating your property. Maybe you’re considering combining several apartments into a duplex for more space. Maybe you want to give your condo’s kitchen a total makeover. While knowing what you want, and even how you want it done, is important, a factor that’s often overlooked: when is the correct time of year to plan your renovation.

Does that really matter? A lot more than you’d think, actually.

Why Correctly Timing Your Renovation Is So Important

Renovations take a lot of work, and a lot of organization, to get done. Often, the organization part of things can take several months to complete. Generally speaking, it’s important to allot the same amount of time to the planning phase as to the actual construction part of the project.

So when is the appropriate time? Well, October to December is the ideal time, because that’s when architects are seeking new jobs to take on for the new year. January and February are also good months to start planning, though, because the beginning of the year tends to be sluggish, and once planning is over construction can start in the spring. Spring planning is also possible, though it works best for projects that don’t need a lot of time spent on organization, because summer is the best time for renovations to actually happen. This is particularly true for renovations that will involve a great deal of time spent in the outdoors.

So, when is the best time to start your renovation? At least a month before you want the work to commence, but the earlier the better. After all, once the plans are ready, all it takes to get started is some good weather. For more information on how to make your renovation go as smoothly as possible, simply contact us today!